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Books on virtual teams

Created on 12 April 2008 Written by Jean Binder
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Last Updated on 31 July 2012

What are the basic tools for global projects?

Created on 12 August 2007 Written by Jean Binder
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Image © Serban Enache | Dreamstime.comThe basic collaborative tools are present in most (if not all) global companies, for example:  

- Telephones (Desk phones, IP phones, mobile phones)
- e-mail
- Remote access to the company network 

Global project team members must be able to quickly locate the contact details of their colleagues working in other locations or in different companies. Some companies provide a global telephone and e-mail directory, including all contact details and a picture of every employee. Projects crossing company borders will benefit from a similar database of contacts, maintained by the project office.

Wireless computers, home connections and webmail are also very important in global projects, motivated by the different time zones and amount of travel, which will require people to access e-mails from home, hotels, airports and offices outside the corporate networks. Companies must develop secure and user friendly procedures, in a format that can allow their use outside the office.

The number of international conversations may also justify the deployment of Internet telephony (also called Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP). Besides important reduction of costs, there are functional advantages: the telephone calls routed to the VoIP phone can be received anywhere in the world, allowing team members to keep the same telephone number when working in different locations. Wireless handheld devices (such as Personal Digital Assistants, BlackBerries and Smartphones) and wireless networking can also be deployed to attain ubiquitous connectivity, but cultural aspects must be taken into account for their deployment. 

On chapter 16 of the Global Project Management book, there are some recommendations on how to evaluate the implementation of basic tools in your company or project, how to improve the implementation and use of these tools, and how to prepare documentation and procedures. 

 Image © Serban Enache | 


Last Updated on 31 July 2012

A mindmap on basic collaborative tools

Created on 29 February 2008 Written by Jean Binder
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Download a mindmap that can help you to improve the collaborative tools available in your organisation, and identify new tools to be implemented.

Click here to download a mindmap on basic collaborative tools

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Last Updated on 31 July 2012
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