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Mind mapping and creativity on global projects

Created on 08 July 2007 Written by Jean Binder
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Image © Carole Nickerson | Dreamstime.comProjects are undertaken to create unique deliverables. This uniqueness requires the global project team members to unite their creative minds and design new products, define new services and build innovative strategies. People from different cultures may see constraints and opportunities from various angles before finding together a strategy that takes into account the different standpoints. Brainstorming techniques can be deployed to gather, structure and consolidate these different ideas into a creative solution.

While traditional brainstorming methods use white-boards, flip-charts and stickers for idea generation and consolidation, global project managers must adopt novel coordination styles and employ remote software tools to achieve similar results. This chapter covers two different formats for idea generation on global teams, and suggests the use of software tools that can stimulate creativity over distance.

Have you ever used mindmapping during global projects? I believe this is a simple and effective technique to gather ideas, in many different occasions: defining the project strategy, identifying risks, defining the project schedule, resolving issues and preparing presentations. In the chapter 10 of the book, I provide some examples and guidelines for the usage of mindmap during global projects.

If you have a PMP® certification, you certainly heard about Delphi technique, which can be a good alternative to make the team members participate in all project activities, independently of their languages, locations or time zones. As the team members involved in the process will not know who is adopting a given position, the consensus can be developed without the direct influence of certain groups or individuals. In the same chapter, I describe the main steps and rules for a successful Delphi session.

Buzan, T. (2006) ‘The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps’ (Harper Thorsons, UK)

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A mindmap on global creativity

Created on 12 January 2008 Written by Jean Binder
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Download a mindmap that can help you to improve the creativity of your global project team.

Click here to download a mindmap on global creativity

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