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What organisational changes are required for Global Project Management?

Created on 12 August 2007 Written by Jean Binder
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Image © Norebbo | Dreamstime.comWhen organisations start coalitions that span country borders, or projects that require cooperation between subsidiary companies or divisions across the globe, they must consider the impact on their organisational cultures and structures. The program and project structures must be adapted to the way the human resources are distributed, considering the optimal communication between team members.


Once the structure is defined, the team must be put in place, through international recruitment and selection of global program and project managers, project coordinators and team members, building project teams with the right skill set and an optimal disposition of resources. Global project offices can be created to support these global initiatives, helping to set up the project teams, and supplying program and project management services worldwide.

This section of the framework discusses the above topics in more detail, and also make suggestions to international companies on how they can support a global project management culture. Other discussion topics are on the ways organisations can collaborate with other companies across borders, preparing their processes and methods to develop solid partnerships, and have a smooth integration of their employees within networked projects.  

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