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How to manage teams dispersed across the globe?

Created on 21 April 2007 Written by Jean Binder
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 This part of the framework presents the strategies to manage global project stakeholders, by understanding the differences in culture, language and time zones, and identifying how to transform these differences from challenges into opportunities.

One of the main challenges of team management across the globe is that most concepts and practices are dependent on the different personalities and cultures involved. You can try to ask a few people around you to define the terms that compose the titles of this section: Culture, leadership, trust, conflict and coaching. You will probably find as many definitions as the number of people you interviewed. When it comes to the suggestions on how to be effective leaders, build trust and manage conflicts, you will also hear different - sometimes conflicting - recommendations.


You must read the modules on this section, as well as other books in these knowledge areas, with an open mind. The recommendations, methods and practices are not the absolute truth but "hints" and guidelines that will help you to develop your own way of managing people, taking into consideration what works for you, and what fits the cultures you are dealing with.

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