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Managing Projects Across Borders

Created on 02 November 2008 Written by Lothar Katz
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Managing Projects Across Borders Do you know what it’s like when team members from different countries act more like competitors than colleagues? Or when you work with a foreign supplier who tells you everything is on track, until the due date, when you discover they are months behind? Or when international contract negotiations go nowhere, even though initial interest seemed high?

You’re not alone. International programs and projects struggle with misaligned expectations, differences in values and work styles, and the confusion and frustration of communicating across distances, languages, and cultures. The Managing Projects Across BordersSM series enables Program and Project Managers to recognize and mitigate the many, often unseen, risks in International Project Management.

These workshops teach how to select and manage international projects, programs, and partners, how to build customer relationships and negotiate effectively across borders, and what it takes for organizations and leaders to excel in international environments. Workshop instructors are Project and Program Management experts who command deep first-hand knowledge of international business practices, successes, and failures. Workshops are based on the best practices in International Project/Program Management and fully embrace the principles of the Global Project Management Framework.

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